The Rain

The past weeks had been irritatingly hot. And this weekend’s rain has been a cool relief from the summer heat. So while I was thinking about what to write, I was reminded of a blog I wrote about three years ago after surviving from a failed relationship.

Here’s what i wrote:

Tears fell from my eyes like the raindrops that fell from the dark cumulus clouds in the sky above me. I felt alone. I felt afraid. I stood under the rain.. I stood firmly. I closed my eyes, not wanting to see the darkness looming ahead. I stood my ground, knowing and believing that someone would come and put an umbrella above my head. I sincerely hoped that when I opened my eyes, everything would be just the way it was before.

The rain continued to wash the tears from my face. It was as if the heavens were weeping with me, offering me the comfort that I longed at that moment. But it was just me and the rain. I was alone. I was hopeless.

All of a sudden, a thunder roared in the midday sky. I was jolted from my daydreams. I didn’t realize that a storm was coming. I was so consumed with the hurt and pain I was feeling so I just ran and ran without knowing where I was going. And I ended up in the middle of the forest. If only I could undo things, but I couldn’t. If only I could take back the things I said and did, but I couldn’t. So now I suffer…

Eyes still closed, I began to realize that the rain felt good. It actually made me feel better. It comforted me. This time, I let it wash away every bit of sadness and pain in my body and soul. I opened my arms to welcome it. I offered my face to its soothing calmness. I began to hear its beautiful music bringing my heart back to life. I felt alive. More than alive… I felt rejuvenated. I knew it was time to move on.

Sometimes, we need to be alone to realize the beauty of life. Sometimes, we need to feel sad to appreciate the beauty of happiness. Sometimes, we need to feel hopeless and afraid to understand hope. In this life, storms are inevitable. If we let fear and hopelessness eat away our life, we will never see the greatness of God’s creations and plans. If we let clouds darken our view of the bright blue sky, we will never see that the sun will still and will always be there behind it. If we let the rain dampen our spirits, then we will never see the radiant colors of the rainbow when the pour is over. All we need to do is stand strong, stand firmly and believe that everything that happens in our life has a purpose.

Life is beautiful. Live it. Love it.


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