ramblings of a troubled soul

The rain is pouring slowly outside. The trees, plants, the mountains soak in wetness. Calm and still, taking everything in. As they drench in the cool raindrops, I feel an urge to cry. Like nature embracing the rain, I feel Him holding me in His arms whispering, “Be calm, be still. I am with you.” An overflowing joy comes through me, enveloping me with its mysterious warmth. My being longs to be cradled by the loving arms of God. As the rain washes away the leaves that had gone dirty throughout the day, so my soul is cleansed from the troubles and anxieties that threaten to dampen it. With songs of love and paintings of life all around, my spirit jumps with gladness and awe. I feel the wind caress my face and body. Its coolness relax my tensions. I look outside the screened window of this room and see the trees dancing to the wind’s anthem. I know with perfect certainty, God loves me unconditionally!


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