Grace Under Pressure

I haven’t written for quite some time. I’ve been so busy for the past three weeks doing different sorts of projects that I can only count the days I slept in my bed in one hand. From reviewing and editing Bible study materials for children at UP Hotel, to organizing and facilitating a 12 Hour Famine event for a school in Baguio, to assisting a retreat for doctors, nurses and other hospital personnel of a province in Bicol, attending a conference for Singles for Christ in Dagupan, and now I’m back to working on the Bible study materials again, this time in Tagaytay. And July has a few more days to offer me for some other tasks at hand.

Algino, my cousin whose staying with me at home, might already be feeling bad that I’m not there to cook food or to help with his assignments. I’ll just have to make it up with him this weekend, especially since his birthday is coming up soon. My visa application forms has been on my desktop for quite some time, undisturbed. I guess I’ll have to squeeze time for this soon since application time is running out. Mg Lyn, another cousin, has been waiting for me for a week to watch HP at Imax. I promised to watch it with her this weekend. I might as well tag Algino along. That would be my birthday gift for him + dinner. Hahaha. And oh, I almost forgot… I also have to meet with friends this Saturday afternoon. Its been half a year since I last saw them. And I really miss talking with them.

It’s been a busy month… but I’ve never felt more productive. My body may be sore from travelling and having not enough sleep and rest, but I feel more alive than ever. The Grace of my caring God has carried me through. Thank you, God!

At this time, I want to enjoy the peace and serenity the Poveda House of Prayer offers. My eyes have feasted from the scenic view of the Taal Lake at sundown. My stomach is happy with the delicious food. And I feel glad.

For now, since the nocturnal animals are already starting their concert, I have to go back to work.


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