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Oras Na!

In my little corner on top of the hill, I can hear the restlessness of the community below – dogs barking, vehicle engines roaring, people chatting and laughing, a carpenter hammering something. From where I sit, I can see people going about their day-to-day activities just as I would have been if I was at home. As I look around, I can see the trees and plants dancing with the wind, the majestic mountains in the horizon, the clouds gracefully moving along with the wind. I wonder, where is God in all of these? Where is He in our restless world? The obvious answer stares back at me: God is everywhere, His glory and Kingship is manifested in all His creation. – written during a retreat at Mirador Jesuit Villa in Baguio City, December 2010

A while ago, I watched Oras Na, GMA’s documentary on the state of our country’s environment. It saddens me to know that our environment is in such a bad condition. I admit, I too am guilty of misusing these resources. I waste water, I water paper, I overuse energy. I have hurt God’s creation. My sorry can never bring back the precious water I wasted, nor the millions of trees cut, nor the energy I mis-consumed. But… I can still help slow down further degradation of the environment. So, I promise to plant a tree (or more) every year, to use water more wisely, to recycle paper more often. I just hope that all of us will see how wonderful and awesome God has made our planet. Let’s all start doing our share of saving Mother Earth. And the best time to start is now…

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