A Love Letter to Keds

Dearest Keds,

It’s been quite a while since we last got together. I miss you. I miss the times we’ve spent together in college. We were so happy, you and I. I can still vividly recall the times you willingly accompanied me in my everyday walks to school. You were there with me when I ran up and down the stairs and slopes of UP Baguio, especially when I was late for class. It was so tiring, but you never got tired of running with me. There were days when it was so cold and wet because of the unceasing rain, and you kept me warm and comfortable. I miss our walks to Session Road through the hill now known as SM Baguio. Before, it was just you and me happily galloping our way to town under the pine trees. Rain or shine, you were my constant companion. I really miss those good old days. I do. Thank you because you’ve been a good friend to me. You stayed loyal to the end.

After graduation, I admit I traded you for high heels and boots and cute sandals. I had to give you away not because I didn’t love you anymore. I just had to because of work. Forgive me. But know that I never forgot about you. Whenever I saw you at the mall, I secretly watched you from afar.

And finally last week, after almost 8 years of being apart, I’m so happy that I found my way back to you. I can’t wait to share the good and bad times with you again.



P.S. Here’s my all-time favorite KEDS Sneakers in Red

Check out KEDS Philippines’ FB page.


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