Always The Hero

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Dens’s heart pounded in his chest as he raced through the streets. The world around him seemed to be concerted in its opposition of his desperate sprint; wind and rain lashed at his face, and a tide of people gushed at him, barring his objective. He bobbed and weaved through the hurried throngs left faceless before images of family and loved ones flashing through his mind. Halfway through dinner, just minutes before, Dens had heard the Cagayan River had swollen to levels that threatened the community at Isla de Oro. Without second thought, Dens dropped everything and rushed for home. Every conceivable obstacle stood before him, and he didn’t know just what he’d find, but Dens was determined to save his family and his young lady friend, Nica.

Adversity has been no stranger to Dens. In his experience, life’s strewn all sorts of obstacles in his path since childhood, though…

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