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My Love – Hate Relationship with Rain


I have a LOVE-HATE relationship with rain.

I love it when it rains because it makes me want to snuggle and sleep.

I hate when it rains on weekdays or schooldays because I’d get so sleepy and lazy at work or in class.

I love how rain cools down the hot weather in my city, especially during summer.

I hate it when it rains just as I’m about to head out somewhere or when I’m about to go home because I hate wet clothes clinging to my skin and commuting is particularly hard in Metro Manila when it’s raining.

I love the sound of the raindrops pouring down on roofs and pavements.

I hate it when the rain comes with loud thunder and lighting.

I love it when it rains at night because I don’t have to use the AC or the fan (less electrical consumption = more savings).

I hate it when it rains incessantly that even the water from the faucet and shower gets cold (I don’t like taking a bath with chilly water. Brrr!)

I love the rain because it brings back good memories from my childhood – bathing in the rain my friends and cousins, playing board games, card games or hide and seek inside our old family house, and many many wonderful memories.


Why Dad Cried

My dad is a tough guy but he’s also gooey on the inside, especially when it comes to family. I remember the first time I saw him cry because of me. I was in second year high school then and was still not allowed to have a boyfriend. But stubborn as I was, I got myself into a relationship and dad found out eventually. I still recall that morning when he told me he wanted to talk to me. I sat down on the sofa with guilt written on my face. Dad sat beside me quietly. When I looked up, tears were welling up from his eyes.

He told me in between croaks, “Dorothy Mae, anakko, leppasem kadi pay lang ti panagadal mo! Uray agpakasar kanto nga sigud no makagraduate ka ti college. Ti nasken ket makalpas ka. Uray siak to pay ti aggastos ti kasar mo.” (Dorothy Mae, my child, please finish your studies first. You can get married right after college, if that’s what you want. I can even shoulder all the cost of your wedding, as long as you finish college first.)

It was a lengthy sermon from my dad and all I could say was, “Wen (Yes), Dad.” I wanted to tell him that I wasn’t planning on getting married at that moment or in the near future but I just kept silent. After that, I did break up with my boyfriend then. I think we got back together after a few months but it eventually ended when I had to go away for college.

Of course, I finished high school – with honors – and graduated from college on time. I’m pretty sure my dad was so happy to see me finally receiving my college diploma. He must also have felt relieved that I didn’t have a boyfriend that time.

Run to You


I wish I was this little crab, so I could run to the sea anytime.

I Love Writing


When I was in high school, I kept a journal describing in detail the highlights of my teenage years. I was also fond of writing poems and essays back then. When I go home tomorrow night, I’m gonna try to look for those journals and notebooks and post some of my writings here. I’m expecting it would be filled with corny, cheesy thoughts but it would be fun to just remember those days. I just hope they’re still in the memorabilia boxes in my room.

Let Kids Teach You

While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.

~ Angela Schwindt

Chillin’ Like a Villain

Sup, dude?

It’s easy to read children’s emotions. What do you think was going on in this kid’s head?

(Sorry, photo’s a bit unfocused. I was kinda excited to capture this kid’s facial expression.)


I got nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award!

I’d like to thank LyndaMichele for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award! I am glad that you find my blog “informative, fun, and inspiring”. You should go check out her blog, too. I love how she captures the beauty of nature and the things around her through photography.

Here are the guidelines for accepting this award:

1.Link back to the blogger who nominated you.  2.Paste the award image on your blog, anywhere. 3.Tell them 7 facts about yourself. 4.Nominate 15 other blogs you like for this award. 5.Contact the bloggers that you have chosen to let them know that they have been nominated.

So, in accordance to the rules of the award, here are 7 facts about myself (this is the hardest part!):

1. I grew up in the northwestern most town of the Philippines – Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte.

2. I am afraid of snakes!

3. I love photography.

4. I love the beach.

5. I want to learn how to surf and dive.

6. I am currently reading A Dance With Dragons by George R.R. Martin.

7. My greatest dream is to be a pilot.


Here are my nominees:

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I’m a Daddy’s Girl


I suddenly miss my dad. Probably because it’s Father’s Day on Sunday? Or the fact that he’s coming over to visit this weekend? Maybe. I miss being a daddy’s girl, which I still am. I miss our fights, our crying moments, our hugs with mom.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

P.S. I love you (and mom) a lot!



Sunrise at Abra de Ilog port, on the way to Apo Reef, Occidental Mindoro

Welcome each day with gratefulness in your heart and love and blessings will flow abundantly.

I Love to Read!


I love reading. It’s one of the things that I wish I could do everyday. I always bring a book with me wherever I go. If I can’t bring one, I make sure there’s an e-book in my iPhone. I like to read different kinds of books. Lately, I’ve been hooked to trilogies and series novels. My most favorite books, however, are children’s story books. There are so many good children’s story books here in Philippines and I love to read and collect them. I just love how the writers weave their stories to capture the interest of children (and adults like me). One day, I want to write a story book, too!


BORED? Why don’t you try something new?

Favorite Subject: Recess


School bell in a rural area the Philippines

It’s common here in the Philippines that when asked about our favorite subject in school, we jokingly answer RECESS. But since recess is not really a subject, it is my favorite time of the day in the school. When the school bell was rang signaling both snack and lunch time, I was grateful to have a few minutes to take the lessons off my mind and just relax and feed my ever hungry stomach.

In effect, recess actually is an important part of the day in school. For one, it gives students the time to process what they’ve learned. It also provides them an avenue to interact with their classmates and schoolmates. Recess helps develop interpersonal communication skills among students.

For teachers, recess is a chance to rest for a while before the next hours of grueling work. Teaching is one of the hardest jobs ever. My parents are both public elementary school teachers so I know how hard it is to be one. (That’s the reason why I never dreamed of following in their footsteps.) 

By the way, do you a lot of public schools in the rural areas here in the Philippines use empty shells of bombs during the World War 2 as school bells? My school had one.

Ding! Ding! Ding! It’s time for recess!

Learning to Ride the Bike

I can’t remember exactly when I learned how to ride a single bike. I must have been 6 or 7 years old then because I recall having a hard time reaching for the pedals.

I can still clearly remember how it happened. It was summertime and I really wanted to learn so badly. I already knew how to ride the bike with a sidecar, and I wanted to level up. All day, I nagged my father to teach me until he said yes. That afternoon, my dad detached my grandfather’s bike from its sidecar and he started to teach me. The road in front of our family house was dusty but I didn’t mind. All I wanted was to learn to ride the single bike so I can join my friends and neighbors in their biking adventures. For the next few hours, he patiently held the bike while I pedaled and tried to balance. After a few meters, he would let go of the bike but he would still be running after me just in case I fell. We did it again and again, but I always lost balance after a few meters.

Come dusk, Dad told me it was time to end the day’s bike training. I didn’t want to stop. I just couldn’t give up. So I told him to go home ahead. When he was gone, I told myself that I could do it even if I have to learn on my own. I mounted the bike, put my right foot on the right pedal, pushed forward and tried to balance as I pedaled my way down the dusty road. But because it was getting really dark, I didn’t notice the big stone along the road. I lost my balance, crashed and got a scraped knee. It was painful, but it didn’t stop me from getting up and mounting the bike again. This time, I told myself to try one last time.

I summoned all the strength and courage in me, took a deep breath, and started pedaling. You know what happened next. I did it. I finally learned to ride a single bicycle. Hurray!

See, it takes courage and perseverance to realize a dream, coupled with guidance from other people and from God. But it must all start with your decision to pursue what it is you want to do. Sometimes it’s hard to start, sometimes it’s even painful, but you won’t go any far unless you take that first step.

Balloons and Cameras

I love balloons. Seeing kids with balloons always make me smile. Even just the sight of balloons make me happy.

That’s me, loving the balloons!

See how happy I was having seen these cute balloons? I just had to have my photo taken with them at that time. Thanks to my friend Rocky for taking this photo.

Like any other kid, I grew up wanting to have at least one of the balloons from the children’s parties I was invited to. Here’s a proof of that:

Me and my Aunt at a family friend’s birthday party

My aunt told me she was laughing at me because I didn’t want my photo taken. But I guess the photographer just couldn’t resist making fun of me. Whoever he/she was, I thank him/her deeply for this photo. It brings back fond memories and never fails to make me smile.

From a kid who was afraid of the camera, I love that I grew up to be someone who came to love it a lot. 🙂

Back to School


It’s back to school season again. After much thought and self-convincing, I’ve decided to enroll this semester hoping to finally finish my masters degree soon. I certainly hope I’d finish it before I reach the 5-year mark for maximum residency at my school. I should have been done with it already if I didn’t stop for 3 semesters because of some other important opportunities. But I’m glad that my inspiration to pursue my dream never wavered. I thank God for the resources and opportunities He has given me to be able to soar high and reach for my dreams.

For all of you going back to school, may you never lose hope and faith. May all your dreams come true! Cheers!

Courage: My 1st Attempt to Write for Kids

I’ve always wanted to be a writer of children’s storybooks. This is one of my first attempts at it. I’ll try to translate it to English soon.

Title: Kaya Ko Kaya?

Akyat. Baba. Akyat. Baba.

Kunot noong pinagmamasdan ni Tatay Angelino ang kanyang sampung taong gulang na anak na si Nina habang akyat-baba ito sa kanilang hagdan. “Anak, ano bang nangyayari sa iyo at parang hindi ka mapakali?” nag-aalalang sabi niya.

“Papa, hindi ko talaga kaya! Gusto ko pero natatakot ako,” hindi matiyak ni Nina kung sasabihin ba niya sa ama ang kanyang problema.

“Naku, may problema pala ang aking anak! Bakit hindi mo sabihin kay Papa at baka matulungan ka niya,” may lambing ang boses ni Tatay Angelino.

“Sasabihin ko ba sa kanya?” tanong ni Nina sa sarili. “Errr…eh kasi Papa inannounce ni Teacher Norma sa klase na may Poster-Making contest na naman sa school namin. Gusto ko sanang sumali kaya lang hindi ko yata kaya,” paliwanag ni Nina.

Napangiti si Tatay Angelino. “Anak, bakit hindi mo subukan. Naniniwala ako sa iyong kakayahan. Kayang kaya mo yun!”

“Papa, natatakot nga ako! Baka hindi nila magustuhan ang drawing ko. Baka pagtawanan lang nila ako. Nakakahiya! Saka alam ko namang may mas magaling pa sakin magdrawing sa klase,” sabi ni Nina.

Niyakap ng mahigpit ni Tatay Angelino si Nina. “Anak, hindi mahalaga kung ano ang sasabihin ng iba. Ang importante, sundin mo ang sinasabi ng iyong puso at kung saan ka masaya. Kung gusto mong lumikha ng mga magagandang larawan, gawin mo ito. Dahil ipinagkaloob ito ng Diyos sa iyo at kailangan mong ibahagi sa iba.”

Mahigpit na yumakap si Nina sa kanyang ama. Bukas na bukas din, alam na niya ang kanyang gagawin.

June Series

The month of June is the start of the school year here in the Philippines. This month, I will be posting photos and stories about kids and childhood and anything connected with children – school, play, fun. Join me in reliving the joy of being a child.

Stay a child while you can be a child. ~ STEPHEN SONDHEIM, Into the Woods

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