Favorite Subject: Recess


School bell in a rural area the Philippines

It’s common here in the Philippines that when asked about our favorite subject in school, we jokingly answer RECESS. But since recess is not really a subject, it is my favorite time of the day in the school. When the school bell was rang signaling both snack and lunch time, I was grateful to have a few minutes to take the lessons off my mind and just relax and feed my ever hungry stomach.

In effect, recess actually is an important part of the day in school. For one, it gives students the time to process what they’ve learned. It also provides them an avenue to interact with their classmates and schoolmates. Recess helps develop interpersonal communication skills among students.

For teachers, recess is a chance to rest for a while before the next hours of grueling work. Teaching is one of the hardest jobs ever. My parents are both public elementary school teachers so I know how hard it is to be one. (That’s the reason why I never dreamed of following in their footsteps.) 

By the way, do you a lot of public schools in the rural areas here in the Philippines use empty shells of bombs during the World War 2 as school bells? My school had one.

Ding! Ding! Ding! It’s time for recess!


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