I Love to Read!


I love reading. It’s one of the things that I wish I could do everyday. I always bring a book with me wherever I go. If I can’t bring one, I make sure there’s an e-book in my iPhone. I like to read different kinds of books. Lately, I’ve been hooked to trilogies and series novels. My most favorite books, however, are children’s story books. There are so many good children’s story books here in Philippines and I love to read and collect them. I just love how the writers weave their stories to capture the interest of children (and adults like me). One day, I want to write a story book, too!


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  1. Me too! I never leave home without a book to read =)

  2. Nenita Rivero

    I enjoy reading your post and writings. Go ahaed with your first courageous travelling solo. I did it and my next escapade will be in Europe “alone”.

    • Wow, I feel honored that you enjoy reading my posts. I now feel more encouraged to travel solo! Good luck on your solo escapade to Europe. Let me know how it’ll go but I’m pretty sure you will have a blast! One day, I will visit Europe, too! 🙂

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