My Love – Hate Relationship with Rain


I have a LOVE-HATE relationship with rain.

I love it when it rains because it makes me want to snuggle and sleep.

I hate when it rains on weekdays or schooldays because I’d get so sleepy and lazy at work or in class.

I love how rain cools down the hot weather in my city, especially during summer.

I hate it when it rains just as I’m about to head out somewhere or when I’m about to go home because I hate wet clothes clinging to my skin and commuting is particularly hard in Metro Manila when it’s raining.

I love the sound of the raindrops pouring down on roofs and pavements.

I hate it when the rain comes with loud thunder and lighting.

I love it when it rains at night because I don’t have to use the AC or the fan (less electrical consumption = more savings).

I hate it when it rains incessantly that even the water from the faucet and shower gets cold (I don’t like taking a bath with chilly water. Brrr!)

I love the rain because it brings back good memories from my childhood – bathing in the rain my friends and cousins, playing board games, card games or hide and seek inside our old family house, and many many wonderful memories.


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