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Valentine’s Day Is For Singles, Too!

This is a post that took me two weeks to compose. Since it’s already the last day of the month, I pressured myself to finally finish it. So, here goes…

Today is February 14 – Valentine’s Day. Today is a special day – for the married, in a relationship, even those who are in the “it’s complicated” types.

Flowers, balloons, and hearts abound today as well as chocolates, teddy bears, and all things connected to sweetness. Anywhere you go, you see the colors red or pink. Couples are supposed to say their “I love you”‘s to one another in whatever way possible.

For singles, today is but a normal day. Life goes on like an ordinary day. For broken hearted people, this is a day that may well be scrapped from the calendar.

BUT, I say Valentine’s Day is for singles and broken hearted, too! Valentine’s day is about LOVE, right? And everyone deserves to love and be loved in return. Love isn’t just romantic love. There is love for parents, and for siblings. There is love for friends,and even self-love. And there is the ultimate love of God for every single person. Fellow singles (by choice or by chance), let us not be bitter or envious of those who are in a romantic relationship this day. Let us declare Valentine’s Day (even the whole month of February) a day we all share and experience the love of our friends, family and God.

I hope you all had a wonderful February!

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